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inky sheep

This mixed media piece was highly enjoyable to create. I really like the unusual textures, swirls and curls in the long wool. Blacks, blues and shades of browns and white were used in layers to create the effect and then details were brought in with a very fine biro and ink pen. The use of two pens creates a variety in the line- the biro has a shiny, colourful, oil like hue, whereas the ink pen creates a bold line and is dissolved and faded in water. I think that the use of coloured inks, paint and watercolour pencil for the sheep's wool creates a much more unusual and expressive piece than sticking to the typical creams, off whites and greys. This way, there are a variety of multi tones, highlights and low-lights as well as the complimentary use of colour. The burnt sienna brown and cobalt blue which has a greenish grey hue when diluted work very nicely together. Another thing I enjoy about this piece is the loose bursts of ink and splashes in the background, which merge and surround the subject of the sheep so nicely. I really like this style of working, and feel that my expressive and loose style is really coming into its own just recently.

I would really love to know your thoughts on my style of working; if there are any particular animals you would like to see in original pieces of mine, or if you would like to commission a piece. There is also a special offer on through my Etsy page currently, offering a 20% discount. Check it out and don't forget to share!

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